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Instructor and five student pilots, one wearing a paramotor and helmet after first flight.

You Can Fly PPG Training Philosophy



There is REAL value in learning to fly where you will fly.  Not only in similar meteorology and geographical features, but having the ability to drop back in with your instructor is a real perk as it allows you to continue to tweak your skills under the watchful eye of your instructor.  Training locally also helps you build relationships with other local pilots.


We currently have agreements with: Simsbury Airport, Simsbury, CT and Myricks Airfield, Berkley, MA. We are happy to research areas local to you, as well as use any training areas you have access to. We require 4 students for each training date, so if you have a location and some friends looking to train, please let us know so we can make arrangements.



Paramotor skills are perishable. This is a ‘use it or lose it’ sport. The skills you learn in training are the foundation for your piloting career; however, you will continue to build on this foundation for the remainder of your time in the sport.


We highlight this point because it does not make sense to train now and buy equipment months or years down the road. If you are unable/unprepared to invest in equipment during or shortly after training, then you should reconsider when to attend a training. Please do not leverage credit or spend your last money on this sport.



Our business model is based on teaching people to fly AND purchasing gear through us. It allows us to keep the training costs reasonable and affords you the opportunity to return to future trainings for continued skill development (yes! you can shadow future classes for FREE forever (on your own gear)).

During training, you will have full access to You Can Fly PPG motors and wings so that you can try various gear before investing. We will help you determine what gear is most appropriate for your size, skill level, and intended use. 


We strongly encourage you NOT to purchase equipment prior to training. If you purchase gear before training, we cannot guarantee it is the right fit/quality you will need. Additionally, you will train on your gear rather than the school equipment. Any questions that arise may need to be directed back to the place where you purchased gear. 


We are affiliated with Parajet, Fly Products, Scout, Bruce Goldsmith Design (BGD wings), Ozone, Dudek, and MicroAvionics. We are happy to answer any questions you have to ensure the gear you invest in will support your flying endeavors.

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Have some questions? Take a look through our FAQs for the most common questions we receive.

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