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Kiting Clinic

Having trouble taking 2 weeks off from work? Or leaving the family for 2 weeks? Then the KITING CLINIC is for you!

We've received a lot of feedback about how 14 days of training is a challenge with work and life schedules, so we are getting creative with solutions that provide flexibility while maintaining safety. 

One of the most time consuming parts of training is learning to kite. Kiting is the skill of handling the glider while on the ground. Your training progression is focused on becoming proficient in kiting. Once this skill is mastered, flying not only becomes possible, but significantly easier.

We are excited to offer kiting clinics that teach you the basics of glider design and how to safely kite the glider. After attending, you will have a solid foundation to continue practicing this skill on your own. 

Who this clinic is for:

  • The future paramotor pilot who wants to jumpstart their training experience.

  • Those who are committed to refining their skills ahead of time to help shorten the duration of their training.

  • Those who want a taste of the sport to see if it's a good fit!

How much does it cost?
The kiting clinic is $250. If you choose to purchase your own kiting glider or flight glider from us within 30 days of the clinic, we will credit the $250 towards your purchase. A kiting glider is $1,430, plus a harness that ranges from $200-400. We have a couple styles for you to choose from. A flight glider is in the range of $3,600-$3,800.

Where? When? What about weather?
We will be in Simsbury, CT (4B9) from April 22 - May 19. That's almost a whole month of availability! We know the weather can be unreliable during the spring season, so we are making ourselves available for every training day we can use! 

If you're interested in learning to kite, click the button below to let us know! There is a WhatsApp chat thread that we will be using to give weather updates so you can plan to join us for all of your available time.

Will I be ready to fly after this clinic?

No, not from this clinic alone. BUT you will have the foundation and the skills for kiting so you can practice on your own. If you are committed to developing these skills on your own, prior to training, your training track will be significantly faster. You will still need to attend ground school, as well as progress through the training modules (like tandem flight, simulator training, and important safety briefings), but the 14 day training becomes a lot more flexible because you've already put in the work to master the most critical skill.

​Ready to get started? Click the link below:

Want to know what to expect at training? Check out all the details here:

Have some questions? Take a look through our FAQs for the most common questions we receive.

Ready to go? Fill out our New Student Application to get started!

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