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About Us

You Can Fly PPG was started in 2020 when David took his love for flying to the next level by sharing it with students in New England. He became an instructor in 2020 in Florida and fell in love with the magic of seeing someone progress through training so they can run into the sky.

David is most inspired by students who work hard to overcome their fears, power through struggles, and realize their inner determination. He has worked with students ranging from their early 20s all the way to a student in his late 70s. David has a knack for seeing each student's potential and leveraging their unique strengths. 

David is passionate about creating community amongst his students and other paramotor pilots in New England. Shared experiences, both in training and after, make this sport even more enjoyable.

>> David Nickerson -

David discovered his love for paramotor flight in 2018. He quickly became so excited about the sport that he knew he needed to share this passion with as many people as possible. He became an instructor in 2020 when the pandemic radically changed the face of his audio production business. David now owns and operates both Baystate Sound and You Can Fly PPG. When he’s not on the training field, he can be found spending time with his amazing son, TJ, on whitewater rivers, hiking in northern Maine, or traveling.

>> Emily Dziedzic -

Emily fell in love with aviation at age 9 after her uncle took her flying in his Piper Cub. Emily pursued a career in aviation, becoming a Private Pilot, and spending 10 years working in the industry. After several years with her feet on the ground, her desire to fly returned, but this time, by paramotor. She learned to fly in the summer of 2022 and it rearranged her life. She now manages the business side of You Can Fly PPG while she continues on her path to becoming an instructor. When not on the training field, she can be found eating copious amounts of Thai food, hiking, and traveling.


>> Scout -

Scout (aka: Scouty, Good Boy, Scouty Boy) is the best para-pup around. He loves sunning his belly, chasing flies, and eating all the treats.

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